TWhat is Yoga 

The Υοga is anatural,mentalandpsychica traineeship or apprenticeship derived fromIndia 

Emphasis is placed on correct posture and breathing techniques.  

The courses are conducted by a qualified professional trainer and with proper guidance, YYoga contributes to the proper functioning of the immune, metabolic, cardiovascular or endocrine system and relieves pain, whether it is due to injury or chronic diseases. 

All Yoga classes, consist of a series of practices that strengthen the body, calm the mind and lead us to a more harmonious and balanced state of being. 

It is for everyone, regardless of age, and in our country, it is widely spread over the past few years. 

Ideal practice for beginners, seniors, pregnant women, those recovering from injury and those who want a gentle yoga practice. It also acts supportively in autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, diabetes, etc. 

We have created a cozy, supportive & safe space that inspires personal transformation through Yoga and meditation. 

We are waiting for you to get to know our specialized professional partners in Yoga 

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