i-Motion ems


i-Motion EMS

Present in more than 60 countries

4 hours of exercise in 20 minutes

More effective than other systems, it stimulates 300 muscles at the same time!

It does not overload the muscles and stimulates the metabolism!

It offers a sense of freedom thanks to its wireless operation!

300 muscles trained simultaneously
20 minutes per session

– Strength
– Weight loss
- Stimulation

Wireless electrostimulation designed and manufactured in Spain.

Enjoy the difference of the latest generation of ems

Improve your well-being and get better results in less time
Electrostimulation is a new form of training that represents a technological advance in the fields of sports, health and aesthetics.

It consists of sending electrical impulses through the muscles, just as our body does through the muscles, just as our body does through the different cells of our body. It is also used in the field of aesthetics as a treatment for rapid and continuous fat loss.
It is an active exercise that increases muscle mass and strength, strengthens body structure, flexibility and improves skin condition.

What is Electrofitness?
Electrofitness is the sum of the advantages of a conventional training together with the electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) currents, thus achieving a high-intensity training in just 20 minutes. It manages to stimulate more than 300 muscles, achieving immediate and lasting results from the first session, while saving time and energy.

Electrofitness activates all types of connective tissue fibers and is optimal at athletic, aesthetic and health levels. Its effect, through muscle contractions produced by controlled and directed electrical impulses, is similar to that of other types of physical exercise. The big advantage you have is higher performance in a shorter period of time.

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