Back in 1914 after the outbreak of World War I Pilates found himself imprisoned in a camp with other Germans.
It was there that he began to develop a system of exercises that he then called contrology and would later take his name.
He began to apply his method to his inmates to help them maintain a good physical condition, carving instruments and using the springs from the beds that later took the form of the instruments we use in the method today. Pilates.
To Pilates Reformer has significant benefits for the body and mind.
The Reformer is a multi-instrument on which one can perform exercises for the whole body depending on the position of the body on the instrument.
The Reformer is one of the key instruments of the method.
It is a bed that looks like a flat platform, which moves back and forth within a specific platform movement frame.
It is done in conjunction with the springs built into the machine and in conjunction with the body weight and resistance of the springs.
The result of the exercise is very fast and spectacular.
This particular machine can be adjusted according to the height, strength, flexibility or the level of physical condition of each athlete, in order to adapt each exercise to its requirements and peculiarities, and to avoid any injuries due to incorrect technique in its execution.
It is suitable and indicated for all ages.
This particular exercise that uses springs for resistance instead of weights reduces tension in the tendons and ligaments.
It requires the participation of the body and the mind as it ensures the uniform development of all muscle groups, promotes flexibility and orthosis.
The body is exercised uniformly with a series of springs that tone the muscles without bulking them up, developing elasticity and strength.
The body quickly acquires balance, grace and harmony.
The uniqueness of this machine comes from the variety of exercises it provides.
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