trx training

The TRX is a belt with handles which exercises the whole body with emphasis on the trunk (abs - back muscles), in other words it is a rope hanging from the ceiling and the trainee pulls it using only the weight of his body. 

Training with TRX, increases strength, balance and flexibility, and achieves greater core stability with a wide variety of exercises that can be adapted to all fitness levels. 

The TRX offers results with dynamic exercises for the whole body, for both men and women, regardless of one's training goals. 

The TRX, through gravity and body weight, develops strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and stability of the trunk and joints.  

It is ideal for every athlete, since bruises and injuries are avoided. 

It also minimizes exercise time since it works the whole body and alternates exercises in seconds.  

Try, right away, the exercise TRX in our fully equipped space.  

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